How To Get More Vacation Rental Bookings During Low Seasons in Scottsdale

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Managing your own vacation rental is fun when the bookings keep coming in, especially during the peak seasons. But, the reality is, it won’t always be like this.

During the summer months in Scottsdale, Arizona, it can get extremely hot for most people. So, around June to September, it might be harder to get bookings for your vacation rental.

People don’t exactly jump up at the opportunity of sweating in the Scottsdale summer weather, which sometimes even passes 100°F.

But these few months can feel so long for a property owner like you. You need those bookings to keep earning a profit.

The good news is that we got you covered. We have 7 strategies that can help you land more bookings during the low seasons.

Strategies To Get More Vacation Rental Bookings During The Low Seasons

Make Your Listing Stand Out Online

Your online listing is the first thing that people see about your Scottsdale vacation rental property. So, you need to make it as inviting as possible so they don’t just scroll away and move past it.

You need to make your online listing stand out.

For Scottsdale rentals, focus on the benefits of visiting during the summer months. Mention how there’ll be fewer crowds at this time of the year so they can enjoy Scottsdale without the hassle of dealing with so many tourists.

Highlight the affordable prices that you’re offering at this time too. Who can resist premium accommodations without the premium price tag that usually comes along with it during the peak seasons, right?

Of course, always put high-quality photos. If you have a pool or a well-air-conditioned living space, make sure to showcase it so people know that even if it can get very hot, there are ways they can cool off.

Vacation rental property managers like Cactus Vacation Rentals offer professional photography that can truly capture the beauty of your property.

Create Irresistible Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on vacations where things can get expensive fast. On vacation, you spend money on attractions, food, souvenirs, and all sorts of things. But, if you can get a great deal for your vacation rental? Well, that can hit the sweet spot with so many people.

Some deals you can offer are early bird deals and last-minute deals. With early bird deals, you can offer discounts like 15% off for guests who book months in advance of their stay. This can help you get those bookings earlier and can help you spread out the revenue too.

For last-minute deals, you can offer cheaper prices for people who book close to their check-in date. This makes sure that you fill any unbooked dates and that you still earn profit.

You can also offer a different pricing based on the days of the week. You can offer cheaper deals when people book on the weekdays where demand is usually lower. This can attract budget-conscious travelers who want to save money but still want to enjoy a good vacation.

Up Your Comfort Game

Making sure your guests are comfortable should always be up on your priority list. They’ll be enduring the Scottsdale summer heat outside, so you need to make sure they don’t deal with that inside your vacation rental.

You can install misting systems somewhere in the property to give your guests some way to cool off the heat. If you can afford to upgrade the air-conditioning unit to something that can withstand the heat, much better too.

Basically, if you can add something that will help your guests cool off during the low season and summer months, you can definitely make them love your property more.

Show Up Everywhere

If you really want to increase your chances of getting bookings, your listing needs to be everywhere.

Put up a listing on as many platforms as you can manage. Some travelers trust specific platforms, so it’s good to cover all your bases. The more visible you are, the more chances you have of getting bookings.

Some popular platforms include Airbnb and Vrbo. There are also niche sites that cater to specific types of traveler so if you want a chance to show them your property, be sure to set up a listing there.

Be Flexible with Bookings

It’s the low season so being a little more flexible wouldn’t hurt. It can also help get last-minute bookings.

If you usually require a minimum stay requirement, you can lower it down. A booking is still better than no booking most of the time. This is also great for anyone who makes sudden spontaneous trips over in Scottsdale.

If you have cleaning staff, be sure to inform them too and that they are on board for any sudden last minute bookings. This also makes sure that you are always ready to host guests and that you still maintain a high standard of cleanliness and readiness at any time.

Boost Your Online Engagement

It’s 2024 and if you and your vacation rental want to stay relevant, you need to be on social media.

Having an online profile on Facebook and Instagram isn’t enough either. You need use social media to advertise your vacation rental and you need to engage with the people. This makes sure that people will be reminded of your property every now and then in case they’d want to book it.

You can start by sharing posts highlighting local summer events in Scottsdale. You can also promote special and unique amenities of your rental.

A video or virtual tour of your property is also a good way for potential guests to see your property.

If you get any comments or messages online, be sure to reply to all of them as soon as possible too. This can help you build trust with your potential guests which can make them more inclined to book your property.

Keep Guests Coming Back

For previous guests, you can give them a little incentive to keep coming back to your property.

Reach out with a personalized email and offer them a return booking discount like 5% off the original price. It’s like a loyalty program that rewards them every time they return.

This will give your previous guests a good reason to return and it can also give potential guests reasons to try it out. If they know that booking a couple of times can help them save money, then you can increase your chance of getting more bookings.

Just be sure to keep giving them the same high-quality experience as the first time, if not an even better experience. Guests who keep returning happily are not just good for your revenue, but it’s good for your reviews as well to show that you have repeat guests.

What To Avoid During The Low Season As A Vacation Rental Owner

1. Neglecting Maintenance and Upgrades. During the low season, you’re probably not earning as much so you might be tempted to cut costs to save some money. But this can bite you back fast, especially when it gets busier.

Instead, use this time to get some much needed maintenance for your vacation rental. This makes sure your property stays in excellent condition at all times and that your guests are safe and comfortable when they arrive.

2. Reducing Marketing Efforts. Keep the marketing efforts up, especially during the low season. Slowing down at this time can make you miss potential bookings. No matter the season, people are always looking for opportunities to travel, even if the date that they are planning to travel is months away.

Continuing to market your vacation rental, even in the low season, can also attract guests who are looking for low season deals.

3. Ignoring Pricing Strategies. Setting your prices too high during the low season will definitely turn off potential guests. Setting it too low can also bring the value of your property down and make you lose money instead.

Our advice is to use dynamic pricing tools. These can adjust your rates depending on the market demand and can help you offer deals to attract more guests.

Turning Slow Months Into Profitable Periods

Going through the low seasons can be difficult for vacation rental owners. Bills don’t stop coming in just because fewer people are booking.

But this doesn’t have to be hard. If you use some or all of the strategies we talked about, you can definitely turn a slow month into a fast-paced one.

The key here is to never give up and never slow down.

If you want your Scottsdale vacation rental property to continue being profitable no matter the season, partner up with a vacation rental property management company like Cactus Vacation Rentals.

At Cactus Vacation Rentals, we handle everything from marketing your vacation rental to making sure your guests have an amazing stay, no matter the season.

Let us handle everything so you don’t have to.


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