The Ultimate Guide to Bike Rental in Scottsdale

We are glad you are here in Scottsdale, Arizona, a thriving city known for its stunning desert scenery, great weather, and wide range of outdoor activities. Renting a bike is the best option to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air while exploring the city at your own pace. Are you staying in one of our Vacation Rentals in Scottsdale? That’s great, here’s some info to help you with your biking adventured in Scottsdale!

This comprehensive guide will answer your search of  “bike rental Scottsdale” and hopefully answer all your questions and highlighting the best rental options, popular biking routes, safety tips, and more. So get in, and let us explore Scottsdale on bikes!

Why Rent a Bike in Scottsdale?

This is as bike rental store in Scottsdale

Enjoy the Magnificent Desert Scenery

Scottsdale is home to a unique and breathtaking desert environment. You can fully appreciate the Sonoran Desert’s breathtaking beauty by renting a bike. Bike along beautiful trails while admiring the magnificent Saguaro cacti, varied wildlife, and stunning sunsets. Cycling enables you to experience nature up close and personal while soaking up the spirit of this remarkable desert oasis.

Feel the Joy of Cycling in Perfect Weather

The year-round pleasant weather in Scottsdale is one of the best benefits of biking there. The climate entices outdoor enthusiasts to bike and explore, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, mild winters, and pleasant spring and fall seasons. In winter, get away from the colder areas and enjoy the warm desert breeze as you pedal through Scottsdale’s charming neighborhoods.

Explore the Expansive Bike-Friendly Trail System

Cycling enthusiasts of all levels can find various bike-friendly trails in Scottsdale. There is a trail for everyone, from easy strolls along the tranquil canal paths to strenuous mountain biking excursions in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Renting a bike gives you access to this extensive trail network, enabling you to tailor your journey and find Scottsdale’s secret attractions.

Explore Undiscovered Gems and Cultural Landmarks

The history and culture of Scottsdale run deep. On a bike, you can easily navigate the city’s neighborhoods and discover distinctive art galleries, quaint shops, and well-known landmarks like Old Town Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. A more genuine and enriching experience can be had by exploring these hidden treasures at your own pace and without parking restrictions.

Enjoy a Fitness-Focused Outdoor Adventure

Biking in the city near water

Scottsdale’s cycling scene offers more than just beautiful scenery; it also provides a fantastic exercise opportunity. Exercise outside encourages a healthy lifestyle and lets you take in the energizing desert environment. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride or a strenuous mountain biking trail, pedaling through Scottsdale will refresh your body and mind.

Use Convenient Bike Rental Services to Your Advantage

Thanks to Scottsdale’s many bike rental shops, bike rentals are hassle-free. You can select the kind of bike that best suits your needs from various choices, whether a cruiser, road bike, or mountain bike. Numerous rental businesses provide flexible rental periods, enabling you to go on an hour-long exploration or a full-day adventure. Some services offer delivery and pickup choices, further streamlining customer procedures.

Scottsdale Biking Trails You Must Try


bike route map of old town scottsdale

Sonoran Reserve at McDowell

A vast network of biking trails at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. In this preserve, you will find everything from flat, easy trails to strenuous ones that wind through rocky terrain. For instance, the Gateway Loop Trail offers a leisurely ride with breathtaking desert views, while the more difficult Tom’s Thumb Trail rewards skilled riders with an exhilarating climb and expansive views.

Tom’s Thumb Trail

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve’s Tom’s Thumb Trail is a must-try for experienced riders looking for an exhilarating adventure. Switchbacks, rocky terrain, and steep climbs are all part of this challenging trail that ends at the well-known Tom’s Thumb rock formation. It is a truly unforgettable experience because riders are given breathtaking views of the desert landscape along the way.

H3: Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt

A beautiful oasis that winds through Scottsdale, the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt provides cyclists of all ages and abilities with a fun ride. Over 11 miles long, this paved trail winds through parks, golf courses, and other verdant areas. It is the perfect option for a leisurely ride or a family outing, thanks to its convenient access points and well-maintained paths.

Arizona Canal Path

It offers a picturesque ride through Scottsdale, following the historic Arizona Canal on the Arizona Canal Path. Over 20 miles of paved trails connect different communities and provide opportunities for commuters and recreational riders. Enjoy the peaceful canal views, drive past charming bridges and parks, and discover Scottsdale’s bustling urban side.

Pinnacle Peak Park

Amid breathtaking desert scenery, Pinnacle Peak Park offers a distinctive biking experience. The Pinnacle Peak Trail is a moderately challenging single-track trail that leads riders on a 3.5-mile journey through pristine Sonoran Desert vistas. Enjoy the energizing challenges of this trail as you take in the majestic saguaro cacti, wildlife sightings, and the panoramic views it offers at the summit.

Brown’s Ranch Trailhead

A mountain biker’s paradise, Brown’s Ranch Trailhead offers a variety of trails for riders of all skill levels. Riders can explore the untamed beauty of the Sonoran Desert and experience the thrill of technical descents and challenging climbs on various routes, from beginner-friendly loops like the Latigo Trail to more difficult ones like the Vaquero Trail.

Safety Advice for Biking in Scottsdale

bike rental city of scottsdale road rules and safety

Scottsdale biking can be enjoyable and fun, but it is crucial to put safety first. Here is some safety advice for cyclists in Scottsdale:

  • To protect your head in the event of a fall or collision, always wear a helmet. Ensure that it adheres to safety regulations and is fastened tightly.
  • Scottsdale considers bicycles to be vehicles, so it is essential to follow the rules of the road. Ride in the same direction as the traffic flow, give turn signals, and stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Wear colorful, reflective clothing, especially when it is dark out. Put reflectors and lights on your bike to make it more visible to drivers.
  • To make your intentions known to drivers and other cyclists, signal clearly. Use hand signals to signal your intentions before turning or changing lanes.
  • Always keep an eye on your surroundings. Be cautious of opening doors, parked cars, and other potential dangers. Steer clear of distractions while riding, such as using your phone or headphones.
  • Make a route in advance, choosing paths or roads with bike lanes or designated for bicycles. Learn about the trails and maps for bicycling in Scottsdale.
  • For cyclists, intersections can be hazardous. Before moving forward, slow down, look both ways for oncoming traffic, and make eye contact with drivers.
  • Be prepared to respond by anticipating the actions of other drivers. Be careful When passing parked cars because doors occasionally pop open randomly. Keep a safe distance from moving vehicles and watch for abrupt lane changes.
  • Check and maintain your bicycle regularly to ensure it is in good working order. Before each ride, inspect the brakes, tires, and gears. A well-maintained bike is less likely to have mechanical problems on the road.

It is important to remember that these safety recommendations should be customized to your unique biking circumstances and experience level. Putting safety first will make biking in Scottsdale more enjoyable and less likely to result in mishaps.

Here is a transportation map you can use that the City of Scottsdale has provided. It’s a great guide for biking in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Cycling Events and Tours


Tour de Scottsdale

Every year, this cycling event draws cyclists of all skill levels to Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve to experience its breathtaking beauty. It is a great chance to test yourself and connect with other cycling enthusiasts.

Arizona Bike Week

Arizona Bike Week is a well-liked annual occasion in Scottsdale that draws motorcycling enthusiasts nationwide. It includes some cycling-related activities and events, despite primarily focusing on motorcycles.

McDowell Mountain Century

The annual McDowell Mountain Century offers a variety of distances for cyclists of all skill levels. Participants follow the routes through the picturesque McDowell Mountains and surrounding areas.

Arizona Outback Adventures

Bike tours with a guide are available from Arizona Outback Adventures in the Scottsdale region. They offer a range of choices, including half-day excursions, multi-day adventures, and specially designed tours based on your preferences.

Cycle the Arts

Cycling and the arts are combined in Cycle the Arts, a unique cycling event. To explore the local arts scene, participants can take a leisurely bike ride while stopping at various art galleries and studios.

Self-Guided Tours

Scottsdale is an excellent city for self-guided biking tours thanks to its bike-friendly infrastructure and beautiful surroundings. You can plan your route at your own pace while taking in the neighborhoods, parks, and attractions.

Check the event or tour operator’s website for the most up-to-date information, registration details, and special requirements before registering for any biking events or tours in Scottsdale. Additional factors like the weather, degree of difficulty, and the availability of bike rentals or guided services should be considered to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Renting a bike and exploring Scottsdale on it will give you a unique opportunity to experience the city’s natural beauty and vibrant culture. Scottsdale is a haven for cyclists of all abilities thanks to its abundance of rental options, beautiful trails, and friendly biking community. Take the opportunity to ride through this desert oasis, whether you are an experienced cyclist or a casual rider, and make lifelong memories.

How to Pick the Best Bike Rental Company


Quality bike selection

To accommodate various riding preferences and styles, pick a bike rental company that offers a wide selection of bikes, including mountain, road, hybrid, and e-bikes.

Well-maintained bikes

Regular bike maintenance by the rental company must be guaranteed. Reliable bicycles will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while riding.

Knowledgeable staff

Seek out bike rentals with helpful staff who can advise you on the best bike for your needs, bike sizing, and nearby biking routes and trails.

Flexible rental terms

Search for transparent pricing, reasonable rental terms, and accommodating return policies. To compare costs and services, speak to other local rental companies.

Safety equipment


Helmets, lights, locks, and reflective clothing are all necessary safety gear that must be provided.

Delivery and pickup options

If you prefer convenience, ask about delivery and pickup options to your desired location.

Positive reviews and reputation

Do some online research to learn more about how past users have rated and reviewed the rental service.

To make an informed choice based on the most recent information, contact Cactus Vacation Rentals or any other bike rental company in Scottsdale directly to learn about their specific offerings, rules, and services.


The opportunity to explore Scottsdale’s hidden gems, take in its breathtaking scenery, and live an active outdoor lifestyle is made possible by renting a bike. Scottsdale has everything you need for an unforgettable cycling experience, including top-notch rental shops such as Cactus Vacation Rentals, picturesque trails, and a vibrant biking community. So grab a bike, hit the trails, and allow Scottsdale to enchant you with its unspoiled beauty and welcoming atmosphere. Pedal safely!


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