10 Guest Safety Measures for Your Scottsdale Vacation Rentals

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It’s very important as a vacation rental owner to always keep your guests safe during their stay. This avoids a potential lawsuit, plus it makes sure that you can keep up the positive reputation of your Scottsdale vacation rental. 

Guests are also more likely to return to a place where their experience was safe and secure. Setting up solid safety measures protects your guests and makes their stay more enjoyable. 

In this article, we’ll talk all about the must-have safety features for your Scottsdale Vacation Rental.

Essential Guest Safety Measures To Have

1. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every bedroom and sleeping area in your Scottsdale vacation rental should have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This helps warn your guests of any fires or gases inside, especially at night where they are most vulnerable. Be sure to also test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before your guests arrive so that you’re sure it works in case of any unwanted incident.

2. Fire Extinguishers

You should have fire extinguishers within easy reach, especially around the kitchen or any place you’ve got cooking equipment. In case you have a grill and outdoor dining set-up, it’s also important you have a fire extinguisher at the ready in case of any mishaps.

3. Secure Locks and Security Systems

Make sure every door and window has reliable locks. If you’re using a smart lock system, make sure you inform your guests how to use it. You should also consider adding security cameras around the property, especially outside. If your vacation rental is in a busy area like Old Town Scottsdale, there’s a chance that your guests can have unwanted visitors, but if they see the cameras, they can get scared off. This can also make your guests feel safer.

4. Contact-Free Security Equipment

If you have the budget to splurge, you can also consider adding contact-free security equipment like keyless entry or smart home systems. Some smart home systems can let your guests control lighting, temperature, and even window blinds remotely. These advanced features can greatly improve your guests’ convenience and comfort, plus it also adds a layer of security for your property. These systems can allow you and your guests to monitor and manage access to the property even when no one is physically there. It also increases the appeal of your Scottsdale vacation rental and can increase your chances of getting repeat guests.

5. Family-Friendly Safety

You need to keep in mind that your guests might bring kids with them to your Scottsdale vacation rental so you need to make sure it’s kid-friendly. You can do things like providing covers for outlets and putting non-slip mats in the bathtub. When you have chemicals available, like cleaning products, make sure it’s in a place that is out of reach for children. This makes all the difference in keeping your young guests safe who might be curious and wander around the property.

6. Pool Safety

If your vacation rental has a pool, you need to clearly mark the depth indicators. This lets your guests know exactly how deep each section of the pool is. This prevents any accidents and makes sure your guests can enjoy swimming at a depth they can handle. You can also provide a couple of floatation devices so guests who don’t know or are not too good at swimming can still have the chance to enjoy the pool.

7. Grill and Fire Pit Safety

You should position your grill or fire pit away from the house or other flammable items to avoid any unwanted fires. Include clear instructions for your guests on how to use them too and make sure you have a fire extinguisher within reach.

8. Knowing Your Property

Regularly check your property. Walk around in between guests to check and fix any potential hazards that could have come up. In Scottsdale, you might consider things like snake-proof fencing or making sure the AC is working properly, especially during the height of summer.

9. Clean and Healthy Stays

Make sure your Scottsdale vacation rental is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between stays. No guest would want to stay in a dirty vacation rental or one that has some lingering odors or visible grime. A clean environment is not only more inviting but also essential for maintaining a healthy space free of allergens and pathogens. You can also offer extra disinfectants around the property and even in your welcome packages. Also promote regularly handwashing and provide clear instructions on hygiene practices within the rental to help keep everyone healthy.

10. Emergency Ready

Have an emergency plan at the ready in case of any local Scottsdale risks like flash floods or heatwaves. Make sure your guests know where you keep your emergency supplies and they have a list of essential contacts to call, aside from you, in case of an emergency.

Ensuring Guest Safety Through Proactive Maintenance

Whether you handle it yourself or get some help, keeping your Scottsdale vacation rental in tip-top shape is key for guest safety. Knowing how to do DIY maintainance means that you can quickly sort out small issues and maintain things around your property before it becomes a bigger issue. You can also outsource maintenance for larger tasks like HVAC system checks, roof repairs, or plumbing issues, can also save you the trouble of future issues.

Let’s Keep It Safe and Sound

As a host, making sure your guests are safe is absolutely important. By taking proactive steps to make sure your Scottsdale vacation rental is secure and your guests are aware and equipped with the materials they need in case of an emergency, you can protect your guests and boost the appeal of your rental too.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed about all of this or just need some expert guidance, a professional vacation rental management company like Cactus Vacation Rentals can lend you a hand.

Our expert team of professionals can handle everything from making sure all your safety detectors and security systems are working.

We also handle everything from marketing and doing regular maintenance at your place. 

Contact us today to know how we can make sure your guests are always safe.


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