Discounts and Promotions for Your Repeat Scottsdale Vacation Rental Guests

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One of the best things that could happen to you as a vacation rental owner is seeing guests come back.

It shows how much they appreciate you as a host and how much they appreciate the experience that your vacation rental gave them during their stay.

Repeat guests are also more likely to tell their friends and family about your vacation rental, which means more potential bookings for you.

Encouraging repeat bookings can help you create a community of loyal guests and visitors who feel at home in your properties.

Of course, sometimes, it’s more than just experiences that will make them want to come back. In this guide, we’ll explore different discounts and promotions to encourage your first-time guests to come back for more. 

Why Repeat Guests Matter

Repeat guests can be very valuable to you as a vacation rental owner. 

With new and first-time guests, you would have to spend money on marketing, listing fees, and other necessary expenses to encourage them to book with you. Plus, there’s all that time spent on answering questions and concerns about their future stay and your vacation rental.

You don’t need to worry about all that with repeat guests. They already know your vacation rental exists, they have already experienced it. Sure, they may have some new questions, but it’s most likely not as much as new guests.

Also, repeat guests are more likely to leave you good reviews. They came back to your place for a reason right? When new and potential guests see reviews from previous ones saying that it’s their second or third time at your place, they could be convinced more easily to book your vacation rental. Nothing beats the endorsement of a happy guest.

Just imagine a couple from Denver who visits your Scottsdale vacation rental every spring. They go to the best hiking trails, eat at their favorite local restaurants, and visit the local farmers’ market every morning. Every time they visit, they’d post about it on social media, they’d talk about it with their friends, and they might even bring a couple of friends along for the next trip. 

Each time they visit, they show more people why your vacation rental is the best place to have a relaxing getaway. It’s free advertisement for you and you just have to make sure you keep giving the best experience possible for all your guests.

Creating a Loyalty Program

One way to reward your loyal and repeat guests is by creating a loyalty program and it doesn’t have to be complicated too.

The goal here is to offer your guests something that would encourage them to return.

Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Define Your Rewards. Think about what would be valuable to your guests. What would make them want to come back? You could offer discounts on future stays, like giving 20% off on their next booking. You could also offer free room upgrades or free guided tours.
  2. Set Clear Terms. You need to be clear on how your guests can earn and get their rewards. Don’t overcomplicate it and just keep it simple. It could be something like “Book again with us and we’ll give you 20% off of your next booking”
  3.  Promote Your Program. You can use social media to advertise your loyalty program. Even if they haven’t booked with you at all, a loyalty program can encourage them to take that first booking. It will also help your previous guests see your offer. Make sure to highlight the benefits and make it easy for them to sign up.

Different Types of Discounts To Offer

Figuring out what type of discount to attract previous guests can be tricky but here are some popular options to help you out:

  1. Seasonal Discounts. During low seasons in Scottsdale, you can offer lower rates to encourage more bookings. You can offer something like a “Beat The Heat” discount to attract guests during the summer to attract those who want a cheaper option.
  2. Long-Stay Discounts. Having guests book your vacation rental for a long period of time ensure profit for you and lessens the hassle of getting more bookings. So, offering a discount, like a 10% discount for guests who stay for at least 7 days or more, can encourage them to stay longer. 
  3. Early Bird and Last-Minute Booking Promotions. You can reward guests who book months in advance for their stay. You can also offer last-minute discounts to fill in any gaps in your calendar and ensure that you don’t waste any dates.
  4. Referral Discounts. Giving your guests a discount when they refer someone can help increase your bookings and can help you advertise your vacation rental too. 

Personalized Guest Experiences

Giving your guests a personalized experience can make them feel more valued, which can make them want to come back again. 

Here are some ways you can add that personal touch:

  1. Use Guest Data. Always take note of every guest interaction. This will make it easier for you to personalize each experience. Did they mention that they were looking forward to hiking? Maybe you can leave a trail map and some trail mix for when they arrive. 
  2. Tailor Offers. When you send your previous guests new offers, be sure to personalize it based on their previous stay. Going back to the guests who love hiking, maybe you can offer a free guided tour to a different hiking spot. If they love visiting during a specific month, you can also give them a discount if they come back during that time.
  3. Special Occasions. Some guests would mention if they were celebrating anything during their stay. If they’re celebrating a honeymoon or an anniversary, you can leave them a complimentary bottle of wine and some flowers. If it’s a birthday or graduation, you can put up some balloons and leave a personalized card.

These little things you can do may seem like additional work for you, but when you go out of your way to personalize your guests’ experience, they will greatly appreciate it. They’ll remember your hospitality and effort as a host and the amazing experience they got during their stay. This can improve your chances of booking them again.

Communicating Your Offers

Of course, your offers aren’t worth much if barely anyone knows about it. 

Here are some ways so you can help your guests know about your discounts and promotions:

  1. Email Marketing. Email marketing is a great way to let your past guests know about your offerings. Create an email list of your past guests and send them regular updates about new promotions, local events and property news. Make sure to make it engaging and personalize each as much as possible.
  2. Social Media. Use social media to advertise your vacation rental and your offers. Promote on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to show your property and promotions you currently have. You can include photos and videos of happy guests, beautiful property shots, and some local attractions.

Keeping an Eye on Your Promotions

Discounts and promotions are fun when they’re effective, so don’t just give them away, be sure to monitor them and adjust your strategy regularly.

One way to track if your promotions are effective is using tools like Google Analytics to track how guests find your promotions. You’ll also know which offers are most successful.

You should also ask guests their feedback on your offers. Was it helpful for them? Did it become a deciding factor when booking your place? You can get answers directly from them or send a post-stay survey through email.

Always be flexible when it comes to the discounts and promotions you give. Be prepared to adjust them based on what’s working and what’s not. 

Make Guests Lifelong Fans

Making your one-time guests into loyal and lifelong guests is more than just getting bookings. It’s also about building a loyal following and community centered on your Scottsdale vacation rental.

Creating loyalty programs, offering discounts and promotions, personalizing your offers, are just some of the ways you can encourage guests to come back time after time.

But, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. 

Cactus Vacation Rentals is your go-to vacation rental management company here in Scottsdale. We can help you create the best offers to give your previous guests so they’d want to come visit again.

We also handle everything from maintaining your property to ensuring your guests have a safe and comfortable stay. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your guests into repeat customers.


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