7 Essential Amenities for Your Scottsdale Vacation Rental

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Did you know that Scottsdale attracts over 6 million overnight visitors per year? That’s according to statistics from the Scottsdale City Council. And it means that your guests could be right around the corner, and they’re looking for the perfect place to spend their much-needed R&R.

If you really want your vacation rental to get the spotlight on Airbnb and VRBO, the best way is to prepare amenities that will make guests want to stay for longer. You don’t need to install a jacuzzi or a gourmet kitchen if your property doesn’t have one (although those aren’t a bad idea).

Having basic but high-quality features can already do wonders to upgrade your space. Think of it as an investment in creating a more attractive and profitable vacation home. 

In this guide, we’ll show you which amenities to include in your Scottsdale vacation rental. And how they can turn your property into a sought-after retreat.

Must-Have Amenities for Your Vacation Rental

Comfortable Bedding

According to Travel Agent Central, 63% of American tourists struggle to get a good night’s sleep while on vacation. Your guests will say otherwise when you give them comfortable bedding during their visit to Scottsdale.

A high-quality memory foam mattress does the trick. You can check out brands like Nectar or Tempur-Pedic for mattresses that fit your budget. And for hygiene and cleanliness, use a mattress protector. 

Equally important to the mattress are your beddings and pillows.

We recommend investing in a plush duvet that’s easy to clean. Materials like cotton or microfiber are best since they’re hypoallergenic. It also helps to have one extra stored in the closet in case the other gets dirty. 

Let your guests indulge in the comfort of multiple pillows, just like they would at home. Choose pillows with different firmness levels to accommodate different sleep preferences.

Fully Stocked Kitchen Supplies

One of the reasons your guests chose a vacation rental instead of a hotel is the option to cook. Keeping your kitchen stocked with supplies and appliances is something they’ll appreciate the moment they check in. It will also save them time going to the grocery store.

Here’s a helpful checklist of kitchen items you’ll want to have in your rental:




Food Supplies


Coffee maker

Crock pot

Air fryer



Electric kettle

Waffle maker

Pots and pans

Cutting boards

Kitchen knives

Cooking utensils (spatulas, tongs, ladles)

Mixing bowls

Measuring cups and spoons

Can opener

Kitchen foil and plastic wrap

Plates and bowls

Drinking glasses and cups

Coffee mugs

Cutlery and silverware

Serving platters

Tupperware containers

Basic spices (salt, pepper, sugar)

Cooking oil


Tea bags

Condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard)

For eating items, you’ll want two of each per guest. So if your home accommodates 8 guests, prepare 16 of each. That includes plates, bowls, knives and forks, and drinking glasses. 

We also suggest taking an inventory of your kitchen at least once a year, preferably after the busy season. You can take note of which items need replacing and replenish as necessary.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Scottsdale’s climate can be extreme, with sizzling hot summers and cool winters. Imagine a guest staying over in the summer only to find that it’s too hot inside. It’s not exactly an ideal situation, and can even affect your reputation when they leave a negative review. 

Or maybe they checkout of your rental but the left thermostat on high cool. You might end up surprised at how much it can cost you in electricity bills.

The good thing is there’s a simple solution for these potential problems: smart thermostats. These devices make it easy to manage your HVAC systems. You can control the heating and cooling remotely, which is great if you’re not onsite to manage the property. Some smart thermostats can even be programmed to prevent guests from setting the temperature too low.

Now, buying new HVAC systems tend to be expensive, so consider it a capital expense to get tax deductions for depreciation. Your guests stay comfortable while you get a more profitable rental.

Reliable Wi-Fi

Guests want to stay online during trips so they can post their vacation pics and talk to friends. Some guests even work remotely even when they’re on vacation, so they’ll need reliable WiFi. This makes sense since 87% of Americans are less likely to book a vacation property with bad internet reviews, as per High Speed Internet.

Choose an internet service provider (ISP) with good uptime, meaning the internet connection rarely goes out. We recommend looking for these features when choosing your router:

  • Remote access so you can manage or troubleshoot your router from anywhere.
  • Device list to see what devices are connected to your network.
  • Reboot option so you can restart your router remotely if needed.
  • Strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal for your guests.
  • WPA encryption to keep your network secure.

Tip: Think about how big your rental is. If it’s a large house or has multiple floors, a ubiquity router might be a good option. Otherwise, a Netgear Nighthawk should do the trick. Most importantly, keep that router safe! Lock it up in a box or closet to prevent guests from accidentally messing with it.

Bathroom Toiletries and Fixtures

Running a vacation rental is all about giving guests the highest level of comfort during their stay, including in the bathroom. When stocking up on toiletries, think about the essentials you’d want if you were staying somewhere new.

In our experience at Cactus Vacation Rentals, toilet paper is the number one item you should never run short of. We recommend having a full stock for the entire duration of the guest’s stay. Some hosts offer a “starter pack” but it’s better to not have the guest run out when they need it most. Make sure to set clear expectations about how much toilet paper you’ll provide in the listing description and photos.

You can use this list as a reference of what other bathroom items to stock up on.

Hand soap

Opt for dispensers that are easy to refill. You can buy in bulk from Costco or Amazon wholesalers so you can save money in the long run.

Paper towels

Leave one roll on the counter and another under the sink.  This way, guests won’t have to go searching if the first one runs out.

Shower amenities

While some hosts refill dispensables, others like the convenience of individual shampoo, conditioner, and body wash packets.

Trash can liners

Leave at least one liner in the can and an extra one for longer stays. You can gauge how much to give based on how long your guests typically stay.

Optional but recommended items

Consider offering these additional items to further upgrade your guest’s experience:

  • Bath mats
  • Hair dryer
  • Makeup remover and cotton swabs
  • First-aid kit

Tip: Always go for unscented or neutral-scented toiletries to avoid any fragrance sensitivities your guests might have. Some good scent options are fresh cotton or linen. You can also place an aroma diffuser in your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh.

Outdoor Space

An inviting outdoor space can act as an extra room for your guests to relax and enjoy the fresh air. It helps to invest in good quality outdoor furniture that will hold up against the weather. You can also add seat covers for added comfort.  

At Cactus Vacation Rentals, we manage multiple vacation rentals across Scottsdale. Many of our guests enjoy having a shaded area like a pergola to beat the heat and make the outdoors enjoyable during the day. To give potential renters some inspiration, you could stage the space with flowers, a cheese board, or even a bottle of wine.

For new guests, it’s always best to keep the outdoor furniture clean and dry. Your cleaning crew can be a big help here.  

Safety Tip: If you have a pool or a concrete patio, let guests know that using glass items outside isn’t a good idea. Broken glass can be a hazard, so best to avoid it. Include this in your listing description and house rules.

Entertainment Options

While your guests have their own itinerary for exploring Scottsdale, giving them an option for indoor entertainment can make your short term rental more attractive. 

Set up a TV with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Guests can sign in with their own accounts so you avoid any unwanted charges. You can also include devices like an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku.

Board games like Uno and Monopoly are also a great activity for guests, especially families traveling with children. It’s best to have something for everyone so guests feel taken care of.

Create the Perfect Home Away from Home that Guests Will Enjoy

Keeping guests happy during their stay is what any vacation rental host wants. When you know which amenities to include (and how to best set them up), you can make your property the top choice for travelers looking for a convenient and unforgettable Scottsdale experience. This also increases your chances of getting repeat guests. 

But what if managing all these details feels overwhelming? Keeping your rental stocked and ready for each new guest requires time and effort – things which you may not always have. 

This is where a reputable vacation rental management company like Cactus Vacation Rentals can step in. Our experienced team can handle everything from stocking your rental with essential supplies to guest communication and ensuring a seamless check-in process. 

We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture: happy guests and a profitable vacation rental property.  

Contact Cactus Vacation Rentals today and let us help you create a stress-free and successful rental business.


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